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The Differentiating approach

Connect data | Impact lives | Repair communities

problems with
service providers

Hard to deliver services


Services are currently applied across a broad array of channels with a lack of coordination among partners 

Problems with Homeless Consumers

Hard to navigate services


Homeless consumers find services almost impossible to navigate due to many uncoordinated interdependencies requiring disparate forms of intervention

Problems we solve differently

Righting Inequality 

African American 13% of U.S. general population yet 40% homeless population


Sexual minorities 2x heterosexual peers 

42% of all street children identify


Suicide rates estimated 9x of US general population 

The highest disproportionately - people of color and L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ populations

How we do it

Integrate siloed data across a broad spectrum of service providers


Analyze the data to apply best practice through optimized policy modeling


Deliver multidisciplinary services through a unified platform in real-time

Connect | Impact | Repair

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