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Innovative Homeless Solutions

A data-driven homelessness mitigation nonprofit, established to harness the innovation and technology of Silicon Valley to reduce the homeless population, improve the care of those that remain homeless, and reduce overall cost and impact on the environment and community. 

Innovative Homeless Solutions will repair the homelessness epidemic through improved multidisciplinary coordination and applied best practice. We believe in a model of continuous improvement, implementation of world class solutions, and inclusion of all people in the delivery of our platform services.

Innovative HOMELEss SOLUTIONs 

Data-Driven Homelessness Mitigation Nonprofit

Harnessing the innovation and technology in Silicon Valley 

Bringing Real Change Nationally

Our Mission 

 Disrupt downward spiral of homelessness by harnessing the power and technology of Silicon Valley to significantly reduce the occurrence, frequency, and duration of homelessness


Innovative Homeless Solutions

1750 Meridian Ave. Suite 6925

San Jose, CA 95125


+1 312-000-0000



Homeless Solutions

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