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Innovative Homeless Solutions

Our Objectives

Define relationships and dependencies with public and private organizations (functions, features, benefits) typically providing services to the chronically homeless.

Inventory the technologies utilized by municipal, state and federal government (Governmental Participant Agencies GPA) agencies serving the chronically homeless. (Determine Private Participant Support PPS)

Build a single, integrated technology platform to improve services GPA/PPS currently provide to the chronically homeless. Consult on the integration of those services through a multidisciplinary best practice engagement.

Deploy new technology in the field to better identify and serve the needs of the chronically homeless, including census, personal profile/plan development, contributor services inventory, best practice model development, and continuous improvement metrics.  

Conduct ongoing internal audits of the deployed technology (integrated platform), and make adjustments as required with care and disruption of homeless in a devolving trajectory. Are we constricting the funnel?

Track the services rendered, outcomes of improvement and costs incurred so as to achieve the goals of IHS and affiliated jurisdictions.


"Coming together is the beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success."

- Henry Ford 

Innovative HOMELEss SOLUTIONs 

Data-Driven Homelessness Mitigation Nonprofit

Harnessing the innovation and technology in Silicon Valley 

Bringing Real Change Nationally

If we always do what we've always done, we will always get what we have always gotten

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