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Get past the disillusionment

that nothing can be done

We have a plan



Best Practice


Identify Partners




Integrate Data


Unified Platform


Make Best Practice Actionable


See Our Field Contact App Wireframe

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We Are Data-Driven

Planning and Direction 



ANALYSIS and Production 

Dissemination and feedback 

Planning required data sources, systems integration, and data dependencies


Organize Data

Develop data lake, accessibility, governance, privacy & risk, IT efficiency


Harmonize Data

Collation, validation and evaluation of the collected data 

Synthesize Data

Data Analysis and Modeling through AI platform to present Personalized  Plan


Actionable Data

Collection of feedback and performance in the right format, to the right hands at the right time, and through the right medium 

 Research Phase 

  1. Understand the current situation (gap and process analysis)

  2. Define core partners and target population for services

  3. Define what success looks like and how it will be measured accurately 

  4. Design platform framework 

    1. Core functions to deliver goals

    2. Key features to support core functions, configurations to meet local and federal compliance and requirements 

    3. Establish measurable benefits in the utilization of the designed platform

  5. Analyze/measure areas for targeted mitigation and improvement

  6. Create roadmap for more efficient and effective delivery of services

  7. Test roadmap with core partners through tabletop exercises, demonstrations and meaningful proof-in-concepts

  8. Secure core partner approval - governance model - process structure

 Implementation  phase 

  1. Assemble and align optimal team

  2. Develop detailed platform and system implementation plan

  3. Negotiate with suppliers

  4. Develop platform

  5. Integration systems

  6. Test and Refine

  7. Pilot Project

  8. Go Live

Goals Imagined

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