Our Differentiating approach will establish an innovative mindset that can be used anywhere and be broadly applied 

Apply proven strategies and technologies that built the most successful companies in Silicon Valley to mitigate and reduce homelessness

Rules-based best practice treatment plans formulated through Artificial Intelligence and Multidisciplinary Input and delivery

Create a platform that can be used in any environment inside and outside Silicon Valley

 Innovative Homeless Solutions (IHS) will disrupt the downward spiral of homelessness...  

..by harnessing the power & technology of Silicon Valley to better identify, match and coordinate supportive services

Create individualized multidisciplinary plans 

  • Continuously improved over time, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

  • Aligning best practices with readily available and appropriate support services

Integrate more useful information in real-time

  • Captures new information & delivers real-time in-field guidance to public/private providers

  • Supports creation/delivery of personalized plans

Harmonize - Synthesize - Deliver information

Monitor demand & calibrate services to match

  • Auto-calculate comprehensive census to calibrate needs with availability in real-time

  • Provide dramatically improved data to help determine optimal allocation of resources

personalized plan

IHS Data Portal

Real - time census

We will connect available services to people in need in real-time

personalized plan

IHS Data Portal

Real - time census

Connected Services


Easy to integrate current systems

The IHS platform uses Universal Application Programming Interface (UAPI) for 3rd party data conduits, hosted mission-specific interfaces and management consoles through our backend, and a brain to manage data stores, data governance, and analytics.


Easy to use on mobile devices

End user interfaces will be mobile optimized. Data will be encrypted end to end, in transit and at rest.


Compliant with privacy regulations


personalized plan

IHS Data Portal

Real - time census

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Data Driven Homelessness Mitigation Non-Profit

Harnessing the innovation and technology in Silicon Valley 

Bringing Real Change Nationally

Our Mission 

 Disrupt downward spiral of homelessness by harnessing the power and technology of Silicon Valley to significantly reduce the occurrence, frequency, and duration of homelessness


Innovative Homeless Solutions

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